Five on Friday: Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasuresI’m embarrassed to even enjoy these.  Seriously.

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. I wanted to be Lara Croft so bad when I was little, because she is obviously the most badass lady ever.

2. Hellboy. Just the first one though.  Oh, who am I kidding? I’m going to watch the second one if it’s on.

3. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. This movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities.  Except that song by Cold War Kids.

4. South Park. You’ll never know how ashamed you are to be a fan of this show until you watch it in a room of people who aren’t.

5. Doctor Who. Kind of embarrassed of this but not really because I LOVE CHEESY SCI-FI AND I JUST CAN’T HELP IT.

You don’t need to judge me ’cause I’ve already judged myself,



So You Wish M. Night Shyamalan’s Timeline Looked Different Too, Huh?

m night

It started out soooo strong, and it kind of just sadly petered out. I still have faith he might turn it around.

1999Stuart Little – Fun fact: Shyamalan co-wrote this screenplay!  Who woulda thunk it?  That was an adorable movie–solid start.

1999The Sixth Sense – This movie blew. my. mind.  It was such a hit that even if you never saw the movie you probably know the ending.  It’s pretty much become a pop-culture staple.

2000Unbreakable – Another win for Shyamalan!  He’s starting to corner the market here for creative sci-fi with jaw-dropping twists, and basically everyone is loving it.

2002Signs – Aaaaand he did it.  Sealed the deal.  Shyamalan is now THE man for original thrillers.  Well done.

2004The Village – The viewers are kinda sorta starting to catch on.  I can’t be alone in thinking the ending was kind of easy to guess?  Still a solid movie, so maybe this is just a lull in a string of unbelievable successes.

2006Lady in the Water – This was pretty much an across-the-board let down.  The movie didn’t have a very high-stakes feel, and it moved pretty slow.  I actually thought it was okay overall, partly because I love Paul Giamatti, but it’s pretty clearly his weakest work yet.

2008The Happening – Yiiiiikes. What happened here?  Concept, casting, editing–all bad.  Plants killing people?  I mean sure, it’s creative, but it’s also ridiculous.  With this, Shyamalan has enters a full-on slump.

2010The Last Airbender – I never saw this movie, but I can only assume it wasn’t a great success since we have heard nothing of a sequel.  Which was pretty obviously the whole point.

2010Devil – Didn’t see this one either.  And while it looked intriguing, it also kind of looked like your run-of-the-mill horror thriller.

2013After Earth – I think we can agree that all this movie merits is a giant eyeroll in Jaden Smith’s direction.  Sorry, buddy.

I’m rooting for a comeback, Shyamalan.  When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting in the front row with a big bag of popcorn.

Swing away, M. Night.  Swing away.


Another If, Then Scenario

town-am hustle
If you liked The Town, you’ll probably like American Hustle.


If you liked Munich, you’ll probably like Syriana.

bring it on-drop dead gorg

If you liked Bring It On, you’ll probably like Drop Dead Gorgeous.


If you liked Hitch, you’ll probably like The Proposal.

bourne-minority rep

If you liked The Bourne series, you’ll probably like Minority Report.

Hope your weekend is filled with fun, friends, and something good to watch!


So Bad It’s Good

so bad it's good

Who here is a fan of The Office? Show of hands, please. Everyone? Excellent. The nine-season American version of the hit BBC comedy was so incredibly funny. It was also so incredibly cringe-worthy.  Some of the most notable examples of the show’s chuckle-and-wince duality were, for me, Phyllis’s wedding and Michael and Jan’s dinner party.  Pam’s description of the Dundies is an apt metaphor for the so-bad-it’s-good quality of these episodes–“You know what they say about a car wreck, where it’s so awful you can’t look away?”

But we all love The Office, don’t we?  And if you’re having withdrawals from a show so hilariously embarrassing it’s hard to watch, check out these little gems.

1. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.  The show was created by and stars youtube sensation turned stand-up comedian Bo Burnham.  Incredibly funny and almost unbearably embarrassing, the very first episode culminates in the titular character “performing” at his step-grandmother’s funeral.  The show is at its most cringe-worthy in the “Zach Stone Is Gonna Make a Sex Tape” episode.  Even if you don’t check out his show, stop by Burnham’s youtube channel some rainy day.  That guy is seriously, hilariously talented.

2. Getting On.  Oh.em.geeee.  This show is so funny/awful it hurts.  The story follows the put-upon nurses and doctors that run the long-term care unit of a kind of run-downish hospital.  So many laughs.  So many old people dying.  And the so hilariously deadpan Niecy Nash.  Don’t miss it.

3. Veep.  Another HBO slam dunk (the network is also responsible for Getting On).  The casting in this show is so spot-on.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the at-her-breaking-point VP, Anna Chlumsky as her sarcastic Chief of Staff, Tony Hale (aka BUSTERRR!!!) as her man-child assistant, and Matt Walsh as her oh so past his prime director of communications.  Seriously guys, you haven’t seen an ensemble cast this good since Arrested Development.  The delightful ineptitude of Veep will make you laugh out loud, while silently thanking God that none of it is happening to you.

If we’re all going to hell in a handbasket, might as well laugh along the way.



Five on Friday: What I’m looking forward to

Soooo looking forward to seeing these new movies and shows. Hope I get to catch some soon!

looking forward to

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel. I heart Wes Anderson. Recently watched Rushmore, and it just really got me in the mood for some more! I am hearing this is his best work yet–fingers crossed!

2. Muppets Most Wanted. Tina Fey! Ty Burrell! Kermit! This movie (looks like it) has it all. What can I say? I just love the muppets. Particularly Muppet Treasure Island, their best work. But I bet this will be good too.

3. Transcendence? Not so sure about this one, but the commercials look good. It seems like it will be about the perils of over-integrating technology into our lives, but it also kind of seems like one of those movies with very misleading commercials. Hey, we’ll see. It’s certainly got potential!

4. Fargo. These commercials look sooooo good! FX has been on fire lately (The Americans? Good stuff.), and with a bang-up cast including the likes of Martin Freeman and Colin Hanks, I just can’t wait to check it out.

5. Black Box. Hey, I’m just intrigued. Might even have some potential to fill House’s shoes. It’s about time for another good medical show around here.

Bonus: X-Men: Days of Future Past. Seriously, Days of Future Past? WTF is that title? Honestly though, I love the X-Men movies. This is just a solid franchise, and surely this will be another good installment.

Happy Friday everyone!


Love It or Leave It: Grey’s Anatomy

GreysS8MainCastI have to hand it to Shonda Rhimes; the lady can create some television people just want to watch. Grey’s Anatomy has been on for TEN seasons now and has produced one pretty successful spinoff show. That’s not something you see everyday. If we’re being honest here though, I tried to leave Grey’s behind years ago. I mean really, it’s the kind of medical show you can’t help but roll your eyes at. Every character seems doomed to perpetual unhappiness by their own devices, and all the doctors are wildly–WILDLY I say–unprofessional.

But. As downright absurd as Grey’s can be (a shooter AND a plane crash? And a bomb scare?! These people should be in A LOT more therapy), the show does have its strengths. Was there one dry eye left anywhere when Denny died? Who doesn’t love Bailey in all her sassy glory? I think we all simultaneously rejoiced and threw our hands up in exasperation when Meredith and Derek kind of sort of got married via post-it. You can always count on a gut-wrenching end-of-season cliffhanger where someone surprising might die. And the phrase “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” has pretty much become a standard of television quoting phraseology.

Like I said, I tried to give up on Grey’s long ago, but due to basically everyone I have ever known/lived with being fans of the show, I’ve somehow still managed to see the majority of its ten seasons. And you know what? I’m a little glad I did.

Okay, Grey’s. We pick you. We choose you. The verdict is in: we love you.

Until next time,