Hey All You Marathoners


School’s almost out (for those of us who have not yet matriculated into the real world, at least) , and you know what that means…it’s marathon time! And I don’t mean those silly athletic endeavors; I’m talking more of the Netflix variety here. So, if your finals are finally over and you’re looking to get a little entertainment in without a lot of thinking, here’s what I suggest!

1. The Americans. I know this is only the third season of FX’s cold war spy series, but you won’t be able to look away! Initially Keri Russell is stoic almost to the point of unrelatability, but after a few episodes you really start to see how dynamic her character is. And you’ll love watching Matthew Rhys be simultaneously extremely sympathetic and incredibly ruthless. Caution though, there’s a hefty number of PG-13 rated scenes, so don’t watch this with chilluns around!

2. Breaking Bad. O.M.G. I know I’m soooo late to the game on this one, but y’all. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP WATCHING!  A+ work from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Plus–five seasons, ready to go! The perfect marathon show. (Seems like a given, but this is obviously has a ton of illicit drug use and very very bad stuff, so again, don’t watch this one while you babysit or anything.)

3. The West Wing. A little bit of a throwback, but oh so good. Don’t let Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom sour you on his ability to write something remotely unbiased and politically relevant. The West Wing has an all-star cast executing amazing characters, and all the issues they tackle are (usually) handled with care and respect for both sides of the aisle.  This is a must-watch!  (Plus–Dule Hill before he was Gus!!)

Here’s to staying up way too late,