Charlie Does The Dirty Work

Charlie WorkHoly Cannoli, did you see that?!  Yes, I am talking about that February 4th episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “Charlie Work”. Sure, it was a funny episode, and I definitely laughed out loud when Charlie iterated the entire air mile, steak, and chicken scheme with a heavy dose of exacerbation, but y’all. With each passing minute that episode got more and more exciting. It went something like this:

Haha, Charlie is the responsible one today, pretty funny.
Lol, Carmine’s: A Place for Steaks, funny name.
Har-dee-har, disabled carbon monoxide detector, hilarious.
Hah–wait–they haven’t broken this shot yet.
Oh my God, they haven’t broken the shot yet!

Y’all, so awesome, and so fun to watch. Charlie has a VERY hefty portion of the dialogue in this episode, with the camera following him the entire time. This means that not having to start over a million times rested mostly on his shoulders. And boy, did he deliver.

Even if you’re not an “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” fan, this episode is worth checking out. It turned out pretty darn cool.


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