Love It or Leave It: Grey’s Anatomy

GreysS8MainCastI have to hand it to Shonda Rhimes; the lady can create some television people just want to watch. Grey’s Anatomy has been on for TEN seasons now and has produced one pretty successful spinoff show. That’s not something you see everyday. If we’re being honest here though, I tried to leave Grey’s behind years ago. I mean really, it’s the kind of medical show you can’t help but roll your eyes at. Every character seems doomed to perpetual unhappiness by their own devices, and all the doctors are wildly–WILDLY I say–unprofessional.

But. As downright absurd as Grey’s can be (a shooter AND a plane crash? And a bomb scare?! These people should be in A LOT more therapy), the show does have its strengths. Was there one dry eye left anywhere when Denny died? Who doesn’t love Bailey in all her sassy glory? I think we all simultaneously rejoiced and threw our hands up in exasperation when Meredith and Derek kind of sort of got married via post-it. You can always count on a gut-wrenching end-of-season cliffhanger where someone surprising might die. And the phrase “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” has pretty much become a standard of television quoting phraseology.

Like I said, I tried to give up on Grey’s long ago, but due to basically everyone I have ever known/lived with being fans of the show, I’ve somehow still managed to see the majority of its ten seasons. And you know what? I’m a little glad I did.

Okay, Grey’s. We pick you. We choose you. The verdict is in: we love you.

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Love It or Leave It: Archer

archer_season_5_poster_2014_by_yakfu-d70uv7gArcher is now on its fifth season, a season dubbed “Archer Vice”. I think we’ve all noticed that TV shows tend to drop off in quality after the 2nd and 3rd seasons, once they’ve resolved all their original storylines. The second set of subplots are never as good as the first, almost always feel contrived, and usually lead to a sad, slow 4th and 5th season decline. The half-life for plot point expiration is often longer for cartoons (The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy), but even they don’t always make it over the hump.

So how is Archer holding up in its 5th season on the air? Swimmingly! The show has, in fact, exhausted many of the storylines it premiered with. Most of the primary characters start season 5 with a new major subplot: Lana is pregnant, Pam is a drug addict, Cheryl/Cherlene is a budding country star, and all are broke and living in a giant mansion together. The whole framing device for the show–the ISIS agency itself–is even now defunct and has been replaced with the most comedically botched attempt to become a drug cartel. All these changes work because of impeccable voice acting, excellent writing full of quick-fire references and that’s-what-she-said-style zingers, and the hilariously delicious depravity the show is known for.

Archer hasn’t missed a beat, even with all the change-ups. The verdict is in: Love it!

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