What I’ve Been Watching Lately

latelyLuther. Sometimes over the top, and the first season’s definitely the best, but overall a pretty solid BBC crime drama. Idris Elba is great as the weathered cop Luther, who fights hard and loves even harder, but the real stand-out performance comes from Ruth Wilson, who plays insane genius Alice Morgan. The relationship between her and Luther is a lot of fun.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Didn’t even see the last one they made, but this one was pretty good! Very ape-heavy, in the sense that the human characters had almost no back story to speak of, but there were some pretty amazing cinematic shots in there. A horde of apes all running away from a giant fire? Awesome.

Orange is the New Black. Kind of just been catching random episodes of this. Definitely interesting. Can’t really get behind Piper as a main character; she just doesn’t seem that sympathetic to me. But again, I’ve only seen a few episodes. Anyway, sure makes me glad I’m not in prison. Yikes.

Homeland. O.M.G. This show is amazing. I may or may not have been marathoning it lately, and Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are NAILING it.  And who doesn’t love Mandy Patinkin?  Just watched the second season finale and it blew. my. mind. CAN WE TRUST BRODY? Only time will tell…OR WILL IT?!

Please don’t judge how much TV I’ve been watching.  It’s really less than it sounds…I hope.